History Faculty of Social Science

In 1391, the History Geography Department was accepted as a department within the Faculty of Education. In 1393, the faculty of social sciences became as independent faculty having the History Geography and Sociology Philosophy departments and Zarwali Sidiqi was appointed as dean of the Faculty.

 Even though, having many problems and shortcomings, the faculty has made significant progress during these eight years. For example, in 1394 at the University's Quality Assurance assessment got second position and in the same year in second semester exams took first position in the evaluation done by The General Committee of the University Examinations at University level. Likewise, in 1398, in the first semester of the year, the faculty got first place in the results of the evaluation. In the quality assurance process, social sciences faculty comes in the most prestigious faculties of the University.

For the first time, the Faculty of Social Sciences has presented (88) graduates from the History Geography Department to serve the community. Till (1398) both departments provided (530) graduates to the society.

The faculty proceeds to its maturity and completeness by the passage of time. Currently, there are (6) master degree holder and (4) bachelor holder lecturers. Right now there are (369) students in both departments.

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