Departments of Social Science Faculty

Introduction to the History-Geography Department

Graduates of this department will have the ability to study historical and geographical issues and will have the skills needed in their area of specialization. For example, history and geography diagrams, maps, historical charts, arranging and analyzing pictures, understanding history, teaching history, and making history as national phenomenon. In the area of geography the students will understand global and country location, nature, boundaries, distribution, natural resources and so on.

Graduates of this Department can serve their People in the Following Areas:

At universities, teaching training centers, high schools, private and government educational institutions, in the Ministry of Information and Culture (National Archives, National Museums and National Galleries) Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Cartography Department and all the like institutions.

Objectives of the History-Geography Department

  1. To train cadres in history and geography.
  2. To provide qualified and professional teachers for schools, TTCs, private and government institutions.
  3. Trains professional researchers to investigate historical and geographical issues.
  4. To train professionals for institutions that make history and geography diagrams, historical and geographical charts.
  5. To provide qualified professionals for National History Associations.
  6. To provide national geographic research.

Introduction to Sociology and Philosophy Department

The graduate of sociology and philosophy should be able to analyze societal phenomena especially backwardness, social problems, poverty eradication, controlling social disorder, inequality, injustice, narrow mindedness and facts so that they would be able to serve as real sociologists and philosophers Cadre.

The graduate of sociology and philosophy is a person who should have the characteristics of a good social figure, researcher, manager, leader, social activist, a talented counselor and guide so that he or she would be able to solve all kinds of social problems.

The graduate of sociology and philosophy is a person who have sociological and philosophical ethics to prefer society over themselves to reach at facts through rational thinking. In addition, they respect laws, rules and regulations of the country, respect national customs and values, have high religious and national sentiments, treat people kindly and without any prejudice and discrimination.

The department of Sociology and Philosophy teaches relevant subjects and trains professional of this discipline.

Graduates of this Department can work in the following Organizations:

  • At higher educational institutions.
  • At those organization working for the solution of social problems and for social reforms. For example, at Disability and Martyrs' Affairs, town planning departments, jail and detention centers, judiciary and other similar organizations.
  • The cadres of this department will be acquainted with all the necessary research and scientific material. For example, they will be able to understand documentaries on social problems, employment conditions on social engagements, acquaintance with different types of social and personal insurance.

Objectives of Sociology and Philosophy Department

  1. To strengthen its position as a credible and efficient organization across Afghanistan and the region.
  2. To develop the academic and professional capacity of the teachers and administrative staff.
  3. To compile new quality, standard textbooks and books.
  4. To equip teaching with new and advanced technology.
  5. To provide quality teaching-learning and research opportunities to students.
  6. To train experts and responsible cadres in line with the needs of the community.
  7. To guarantee the continued participation of lecturers and administrative staff in the development of the University.
  8. To have a national level of research to contribute to the development of the social sciences of Afghanistan.
  9. To provide higher education to the youth of the area.

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