Vision and Mission of Social Science Faculty

Basic Goals of the Faculty

  • To strengthen national and cultural morale and to eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  • To present pious, patriotic and professional individuals based on community needs.
  • To train professional cadres for universities, schools and other educational institutions.
  • To train such researchers who identify and solve social problems.
  • To train experts in social affairs for social and political institutions.
  • To train administrative cadres for government and private agencies.
  • To train analysts and practitioners to resolve social disputes at national and international levels.
  • To provide hardworking and righteous leaders to lead society to the right direction.

Mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is determined to be one of best faculties of Shaikh Zayed University in the domain of knowledge in the domain of profession, social theories, strategic discussions and historical information in its field. To reach these objectives, the faculty is utilizing its facilities to train such professional cadres, who would work for the uplift of the society by solving the socio-economic problems related to their profession so that they would be able to contribute not only nationally, but also internationally.

Mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences wants to make a standardized, expert, promising, innovative and an educated society, which takes into account the Islamic principles in all aspects of their lives and to work for the development of educational and cultural horizons and to reach these goals and objectives, the faculty is working on professional and proficient knowledge, which would be essential to national and international community.

  1. Islam and patriotism.
  2. Higher Education based on quality.
  3. Creating a research culture.
  4. Standard management and effective leadership.
  5. Academic Freedom.
  6. Accountability.
  7. Transparency in work and no corruption.
  8. Prevention of any discrimination

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