SZU Peace Center:

Date: 21st September 2019

Not What We Want from Peace, But What We will to give for Peace

In a gathering called by SZU Peace Center on 21st September at Sheikh Zayed University, the international peace day was celebrated under the theme of “Not what we want from peace, but what we will to give for peace”.

As usual the gathering was blessed by reciting words from the Holy Quran followed by National Anthem of Afghanistan. Based on Agenda and theme of the celebration, SZU Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Prof. Abdul Khalil Afghani highlighted the importance of International Peace day. Alongside, thanked the SZU Peace Center for organizing such an event. Mr. Afghani addressed that International Peace day is commemorated in the world for appreciating the sacrifices and efforts of those who have worked and are working for peace globally and locally. Further, He said that peace without having a firm intention is not possible to be flourish, therefore, we have to start working for peace from our homes and flourish it slowly and steadily to the region, it will make us proud and head raised if we appeared in such occasions next time.

Next to him was Mr. Abdul Jalil Shahidzoi, dean of the Sharia and Law faculty, who talked about peace from Islamic point of view. In his speech, he said that all the blessings and fortunes of life are veiled in the peace which are dreadful unless we do not follow the track of Islam; Islam is the religion which has constantly called its followers to live peacefully with one another.

Afterward, Mr. Farooq Jan Mangal, Director of SZU Teachers’ Affairs, talked to the addressees. In his speech, he talked about the background of peace day commemoration and said that we do not have just to come across for speaking about the peace, we have to be practical sections of peace building because of the condition existed in our country, every second yells us to ignore about conflicts and violence and flourish the ground for actual peace. He said that living in peace means living without fear and fright, so we have to make our lives free of fear and fright.

Next to him was Mr. Shafiq Mandoozai, member of SZU Peace Center and dean of political science faculty; he talked about the vision and mission of SZU Peace Center and showed their firm commitment relevant to their policies to setback negativity towards peace and flourish a practical framework of peace building.

At the end of the gathering, all the participants came out of the hall and released the symbolic bird of peace “Pigeons” into the sky, the gathering finished by crossing the fingers towards Allah, for to be blessed by peace and stability in Afghanistan and Globe.

Sessions on Peace Topic CR/PB One Day Presentation at Khost Mediothek, Community and Media Center.

Date:Tuesday 14-01-2020.

In sequence of the CR/PB presentations at Schools and Community Centers; this week, SZU-PC had its 2nd session on CR/PB Topic at Khost Mediothek, Community and Media Center. The participants were from different walks of life, particularly they were from different foundations of civil society.

At first, Mr. Saifullah Hayat, the chairperson of the organization, spoke to the audiences. In his speech, he appreciated the efforts and works of SZU Peace Center for conducting such a program for the youth and confirmed their coordination with Sheikh Zayed University Peace Center in this journey in order to curb violence and expedite peaceful society.

Later on, Mr. Qudratullah Sadiqi, SZU-PC Youth Focal Point, was given chance to present his session of the topic. As initial words, Mr. Sadiqi said that peace education can help students/young people to develop a healthy self-image, build trust with others, promote social growth, and address the suffering in the world while learning compassion and empathy. Further, he added that most disputes between people are solved without violence – but not all. If we are to move away from violence as a way of solving disputes at homes and abroad, we must work together to help students/ young people learn how to deal with conflict creatively and nonviolently. To prevent continued cycles of violence, education must promote peace, tolerance and understanding to help create a better society for all.

In the core of the session, Mr. Sadiqi dealt with Introduction to peace, peace building, aim and objective of peace, importance of peace in Islam, positive & negative peace, theory of Johan Galtung, what is conflict and conflict resolution. The presentation was facilitated with topic relevant videos of violence, conflict, and peace building.

Afterward, Youth Network Leadership Board members of Mediothek, Mr. Nazir Roshan and Mr. Sayed Qasim Lamar briefed the addressees in reference to their own aims and activities, and thanked SZU Peace Center for endorsing the program at their organization.  They expressed confidence that such programs would help reduce violence in community where people could live with peace and comfort. The session was wrapped up with the promise and commitment to work together for flourishing community vise peace in places where they work.

Date: 2020-01-21

Sessions on Peace Topic Conflict Resolution and Peace Building at Walos Ghag High School and College:

Education of Peace building and conflict resolution is an important aspect nowadays which every teacher and educator is dealt with globally. Peace education has been introduced to educational institutions either as separate course or integrated with others course materials in order to activate some positive changes in this regard. Research shows that the sooner children are introduced to peace topics and skills, the greater they will become positive changing agents in communities. Globally, peace programs are part of schools and communities, however, in our country these attempts are rare and very few are working for this purpose. SZU-PC which has been working for last two years under the supervision of USIP (United States Institute for Peace) for the purpose of institutionalizing this issue in the level of higher education can be one example of those attempts. As a team, we have done more in this area, and willing to flourish these attempts to other academic institutes, thus we started to have some short and brief sessions of CR/PB for schools and civil communities to generalize this vital issue further in the region. We do this in order to ease those academies to have positive attitude and be innovative, seek solutions to problems and use their courage and dedication to solve them by themselves. Have a mindset to resolve problems and conflicts peacefully will promote peace in every part of life where the people will live with respect, care for one another, patience, and without fear and fright.

For gaining this goal, SZU-PC had its third session of CR/PB at Waloos Ghag High School and College on January 21, 2020. As usual, the session started with the words of Holy Quran followed by a brief opening speech by Mr. Qudratullah Sadiqi, SZU-PC Youth Focal Point. In his speech, Mr. Sadiqi thanked the school administration and welcomed all the participants in the venue. Afterward, he went on to present his presentation on conflict resolution and peace building.

In his presentation, he talked about these issues: Introduction to peace, peace building, aim and objective of peace, importance of peace in Islam, positive & negative peace, theory of Johan Galtung, what is conflict and conflict resolution. All these topics were presented through visual aids including videos, pictures and some real practices.  

Administrative staff and the students of Walos Ghag School/College thanked SZU Peace Center and appreciated the session and showed their enthusiasm by urging not to ignore them in such programs in the future. They said that it will not only help them just to expose to the terms of peace and conflict resolution, they will have some positive changes for them in real cases when they encounter. They were keen that after gaining comprehensive information in this regard, they will support others by conducting such programs, for to reduce violence in the community where people could live peacefully.

Finally, the session was wrapped up with a promise to coordinate one another in this journey and will work together for making peace possible in the region.