VC-Finance & Administrator Affairs

Massage of the VC for administrative and finance affairs (VCAFA)

VC for  Administrative & Finance Affairs

Hafiz Nakim Khan Saeed

Cellphone: +93767330150



VCAFA is part of three fundamental parts of the Shaikh Zayed University (SZU) that organizes administrative & financial issues therefore, we are strongly committed to obey any rules and laws in order to avoid corruption and insure transparency. In addition, we try to provide suitable environment for students as well as lecturers where they can get maximum benefits from the available opportunities in SZU.

University has combined from two parts namely students and administration therefore, each of them has mutual effects in between. So, we expect everyone to co-operate us in improving our university. Moreover, we encourage you to indicate us weaknesses and mistakes if there are existed.

VCAFA insure you from sustainable control of construction project, agreements and financial process in the university. It is needed to be mentioned that we facilitate procurements process for our agreement’s stakeholders in order to get faster in supplying relevant services. Besides this, VCAFA arranges meetings with staffs to specify possible problem and find feasible solution. The meetings are arranged such as:

Every day meeting with top level management.

Monthly meeting with administrative staffs.

Monthly meeting with employees.

Weekly meeting with Dormitory’s students.

Monthly meeting with procurements staffs.

Monthly meeting with executive managers of the Faculties.