SZU( Shaikh Zayed University),Khost, Afghanistan


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Sheikh Zayed University is a scientific research institution with strong, knowledgeable personnel, committed to Islamic and national values, and holds regional academic accreditation.



Shaikh Zayed University, with the support of its academic and administrative staff and through its excellence in outstanding pedagogical activities, technology, research, and innovation, engages students in educational and creative endeavors that are globally competitive in the economic development of the country, region, and contributes constructively to social development, unity and stability.


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Tue, Nov 15 2022 11:37 AM
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National Symposium of Natural Science at Shaikh Zayed university- Khost

About conference: National Symposium of Natural Science which will be held at Sheikh Zayed University (Khost). The conference provides a platform for professionals involved in natural. . .

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دشیخ زایدپوهنتون اړوند دطبعي علومو ملي سمپوزیم

Reopening ceremony of Sheikh Zayed University after delay

SZU Gallery

SZU Gallery

Medicine Faculties' 18th lesson

Medicine Faculties' 17th lesson

Medicine Faculties' 16th lesson

Medicine Faculties' 15th lesson

Medicine Faculties' 14th lesson

Medicine Faculties' 13th lesson

Medicine Faculties' CVS12th lesson

Medicine Faculties' 11th lesson