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Message Dean of Agriculture Faculty

Agriculture is a special value for the purpose of survival and survival. The fall of former civilizations and eradication is one of the reasons why their agriculture is considered poor. Former civilizations have been built in places where they have rich farming. At present, the number of populations of the population is also seen in places that have wide range of agriculture and agriculture takes steps to develop and prosperous, with time-consumed demands. Worldwide in the current era is trying to solve food, shelter, and other needs for the growing population and end the poverty, poverty, poverty and hunger. These tasks are rarely absent from knowledge and technology. In agriculture, how much progress is the fact that scientists and scientists are the top of the world that has planted agricultural materials. Although hunger and poverty in some parts of the globe stir up the nose in some communities, however, even if the current agricultural material of the world is equally distributed in the world's population, it can increase their needs.

Agricultural universities, agricultural institutions, agricultural research centers, and other relevant institutions work in various parts of the world to make food, clothing, drinks and other items available to the world, according to time-consuming production and prosperous And to live for the rest of the life. Afghanistan also has invented the Agricultural Centers and Agricultural Faculty in achieving these objectives and goals to provide the cadres to the community that can easily reach these goals. Food items for growing populations and other things related to agriculture are not possible without agricultural knowledge and technology, so for this, our country takes slow steps to ensure all the agricultural related requirements are entered into Exported solutions and agricultural goods to the other countries in the country.

Shaikh Zeded University was established in Khost province of southwest Afghanistan, and in addition to other faculty, agricultural faculties are in its own form. Agricultural faculties were held in this few year-old Yun, offering hundreds of young cadres to the community and at present, they continue to continue their sacred duties in various international institutions of Afghanistan. Agricultural faculty is proud of their graduates who have good achievements during their mission and their reformation and progress are often seen in organizations. What other possibilities of world-class agricultural universities, then our faculty takes steps shortly and will be able to take all the possibilities one day. All of our faculty faculty members were held due to their efforts to accommodate the best of quality and quality education. Continues on faithfulness and loyalty to your duties and duties and works for unity in achieving its goals.

kind regards!

 Faculty of Agriculture

T. Asst.Rahmatullah Hashimi

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