History of Agriculture Faculty


The Agricultural Faculty of Shaikh Zahid University, which was associated with the year 2002, passed from Khost city to Peshawar with some other faculty faculty in Peshawar, and started working in the university. At least three teachers in the first half of the students presented their first step as a graduate to serve the community. The agriculture faculty has yet to offer 966 graduates to the welfare community in the thirteen days. Initially this faculty of the university was only three teachers, but now, this faculty has 27 teachers, eight of them are masters, six are busy studying in the master's degree, and 13 other teachers are lens. Agriculture for the first time was the only Agronomy Dept., currently presently four other departments, such as Planting Depression Departments, Consumer Departments, Agriculture Economy Department, and Biology Sciences

Dean of the faculty 

Departmtents of the faculty

Lecturers of the faculty