Departments of Eng Faculty

Civil Department 


TheEngineeringfaculty vision would be to offer undergraduate degrees through teaching,learning and research activities in accordance to society needs and demands. We wouldprovidethe opportunities for graduate studies (Master and Doctoral courses) and sign academic cooperation as well student exchange letters with overseas universities in future.


The faculty contribute in providingcontemporary Engineering knowledge in order to develop the Islamic and national spirit, innovative thinking, as well to grasp the professional and ethical values. We provide the suitable opportunities for the improvement ofconducting scientific research, learning and practical skills of students



  • Islamic Spirit and Ethics
  • National Unity
  • High Quality- based Education
  • Professional Management
  • Discipline and Organization
  • Academic Freedom of Faculty Staff
  • Academic Authority of the Departments
  • Conduction of Scientific Research
  • The Rights of Student

Objectives of Engineering Faculty

According to the strategy and policy of the ministry of higher education (MoHE), the Faculty of Engineering as an educational institution has set the following objectives:

  1. To contribute arranging the academic, social and economic development of societies and country.
  2. To train professional and skillful personnelwith national and Islamic spirit in order to fulfill the needs and demands of national and international societies.
  3. To offer relevant opportunities for professional academic learning activities based on theoretical, practical and scientific principles.
  4. To develop the research activities considering the needs and demands of national and international markets.
  5. To support and encourage academic faculty staff for pursing graduate (Master, PhD and Post-PhD) studies.
  6. To ensure the establishment of academic organization and discipline.
  7. To focus on performance sustainable efforts for achievingaccreditation ranking.
  8. To improvean effective and contemporary curriculum according to the needs and demands of the community and stakeholders.
  9. To establishcontinuous contact and sign the academic cooperation agreement letters with foreign and domestic advanced universities and academic institutions for the capacity building of faculty staff and students.
  10. To seek and provide financial resources for achieving the above mentioned objectives.


Architecture Department


The Architecture Department of Engineering Faculty, Sheikh Zayed University should have such a high quality system that contribute in developing the constructive activities, project maps and responsible for civil buildings. This Department would contribute to present students committed to Islamic national values, have academic and professional knowledge. In addition to achieve the quality accreditation on national and global level.


Mission:  Provide and support the eligible students who have academic background to evenly access for getting higher education, develop the higher education foundations and institutes which consist of better curriculum and subjects outline. Moreover to be able for better teaching and research activities. Present such graduate students to community who are academically and professionally capable, better knowledge in planning and designing. Develop the construction maps, social advancements, national unity and actively participate in reducing the shelter level in Afghanistan.

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