Quality Assurance


Shaikh Zayed University vision is put into action through programs and focus on lifelong learning.

Shaikh Zayed University aims to have a leading and renowned role on national, regional, and global level in multidisciplinary discourses of enhancing and training cadres in professional and practical capacity building to provide quality services and development


Shaikh Zayed University demands and requires all its lecturers, students and administrative staff to acquire and improve skills according to the rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education, and build smooth relationship and collaboration among them in order to provide more talented graduates to the society.


  1. Patriotism in the presence of a Holy Islamic Spirit
  2. Quality and standardized higher education
  3. Create, promote and encourage research culture
  4. Good management and effective leadership
  5. Academic freedom
  6. Accountability
  7. Transparency and prevention of corruption
  8. Avoid discrimination