VC-Students' Affairs

VC Chancellor for Students' Affairs


S.T Asst. Muhammad Dawood Babakar Khail

 Cellphone: 0093771828010


Dear beloved students of SZU!

I am extremely thankful to Almighty God who has enabled me to serve the youth of my country in various academic fields. The office of Vice Chancellor for students’ affairs is fully committed to working for the multidimensional development of young generation of my nation as well as establishing an academically sound environment in which the stated office will be responsible to reach to every single problem of students on time. The office of Vice Chancellor for students affairs has full commitment to the leadership of Ministry of Higher Education and particularly Shaikh Zayed University for the implementation of all academic and administrative firm plans and programs in its working area.

Furthermore, with cooperation of stated university and ministry’s administrations, we will be able to provide learning based short time scholarships, workshops within the country and abroad, and will create an atmosphere where all university students will have access to modern and standard systems for learning. Also, we will always try to train the students with Islamic mentality and great patriotism, and keep them away from any kind of regional, national and political discrimination and division.

At the end, dear students, I kindly request all of you not to waste your valuable time, focus on your studies, and most importantly, as much as possible make yourselves well acquainted with research culture. Very soon, all your attempts will result into s secure, developed and prosperous Afghanistan.