Leadership Council Of The Ministry Of Higher Education Approves The Normal Budget Allocation Mechanism Of Universities And Higher Education Institutes Based On Clear And Standard Indicators

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This meeting was held on (23-February-2020) under the chairmanship of Acting Minister of Higher Education, Abdul Tawab Balakarazi, participates of deputy ministers, ministry’s central directors, and the presidents of four central universities. In addition to discussion on important academic topics, the normal budget distribution mechanism of the universities and higher education institutes was approved based on the following clear and standard indicators.


Number of students in the academic institutions based on the fields of Natural and Social Sciences

Number of workers of educational Institutions

Improved quality of educational institutions

Number of Departments in the Educational Institutions

Miscellaneous indicators

Acting Minister of Higher Education and Academic deputy minister Abdul Tawab Balakzai, thanked Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration, Head of Finance and Accounting, Administrative and Infrastructure Director, head of procurements, Head of Appointment and academic promotion of professors and other related directors and colleagues in setting up the hard work arrange this mechanism. He said: In previous years, the normal budget was distributed to the higher education units without a clear mechanism that would be responsive to transparency and these inequalities caused issues in the balanced development of higher education institutions.

 Mr Balakzai said: Ministry of Higher Education made enough efforts to prepare a budget distribution mechanism based on standard and clear indicators for utilizing the budget fairly and realization of balanced development. This mechanism was selected as the most appropriate method for normal budget allocation. Indeed, this mechanism is an effective and valuable step in implementing the principle of equilibrium and justice and preventing irrational costs. The same will be implemented in the central departments of the ministry as well.

 Allocation of normal budget based on clear and standard indicators to universities and higher education institutions caused creation of principles of accountability in higher education institutions and relevant organizations to ensure transparency in financial and accounting affairs

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تفاهم‌نامۀ هفت ‌جانبۀ همکاری میان هفت پوهنتون کشور به منظور گسترش و تطبیق برنامه های ماستری زبان و ادبیات پشتو با حضور داشت هیات رهبری وزارت تحصیلات عالی به امضاء رسید.

تفاهم‌نامۀ هفت ‌جانبۀ همکاری میان هفت پوهنتون کشور به منظور گسترش و تطبیق برنامه های ماستری زبان و ادبیات پشتو با حضور داشت هیات رهبری وزارت تحصیلات عالی به امضاء رسید.

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دکتور عباس بصیر وزیر تحصیلات عالی در ملاقاتی با هیئت رهبری پوهنتون گلیشیم استانبول کشور ترکیه روی موضوعات مختلف علمی و اکادمیک صحبت و تبادل نظر نمودند

در این ملاقات هئیت رهبری پوهنتون متذکره ضمن ابراز خوش آمدید به دکتور عباس بصیر وزیر تحصیلات عالی و هئیت همراه شان به آن پوهنتون، در رابطه به نهاد تحصیلی متذکره معلومات مختصر ارایه نمودن. . .

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اعلامیه وزارت تحصیلات عالی

اعلامیه وزارت تحصیلات عالی