Dean of the Eng Faculty

 Dean of the Faculty

Asst. Prof. Ridee Gul Hamdard

Dean of the faculty

Buildings are very important for the good progress of human life in the society, because since many people have developed a fairly constructed building for the sake of living their lives. But now that technology is far, major achievements have been achieved in modern and modern construction and equipment. In order to achieve more successful achievements, engineering faculty in universities has been created, in addition to other faculty in Shaikh Zayed University, the engineering faculty has also been established and its educational activities are good and good for the society to seek The founders of the caretaker found and the spiritual spirit of the country, to endanger the courage and prosperity of their rich country.

It is now our brave country warriors and many buildings have been destroyed and destroyed. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of rebuilding and rebuilding the country's hard-handed carriers needs to be equipped with professional carriers. So according to the Planning and Policy Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, the University of Engineering in Framework of Sheikh Zayed University presented ten young engineers every year to serve their communities in the country. Leading jobs are active and active in developing the country, the faculty of engineering faculty is committed to taking more effective steps in the future.

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