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 The administration of Sheikh Zayed University General Library will provide a standard environment and system of reading and book reading for the new generation of the country. It will work professionally to inculcate a culture of reading to all its clients, imitate the facilities of national and international digital libraries and offer its services.


1- Providing all the necessary book reading facilities for the clients.

2- Creating a relaxed environment.

3. Develop a digital standard system so that clients can find their favorite book quickly and easily.

4- Creating an online library and registering students based on the database.

5- Identifying our clients and making changes according to their demands.

6- Creating a public mindset to promote a culture of reading through social media.


 The country, the soil, the people, the university, the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education, the laws, the regulations, the bylaws and a loving commitment to its sacred duty!


 Dear compatriots, the country need work. Slogans alone are not a representation of construction. Let us all understand our responsibility and authority and do our part for the country and the people to have a good society and a country free from misery.

 Wishing a prosperous, prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan

Library Directorate Message

The book is the best companion of life, with the teaching of the book the ordinary man becomes a great man and personality, thanks to the writing and reading of the book all the advances and conveniences of today have been created and finally a generation as a result of writing the book. All values, innovations and shortcomings are passed on to the next generation and they benefit from it. Accordingly, the library is an important and essential element for the betterment of today's society, the establishment of which is essential, if we look at the importance of the library, there is no doubt that the library is a perfect necessity of time, because Libraries are the backbone of the society for strengthening the educational level and better understanding of the next generation of the country, which is why people in the Western and European Union use different types of libraries to develop their scientific capacity. Today, their level of knowledge is more advanced than ever and has no particular shortcomings, despite all the importance, learning and all the implications. The night that he has in the future has proved that no human power can find him again and again, why the future is on the way and an important part of it belongs to the library today. We need to find out the future of the children of this country from the future of the world and for this we need national commitment, so it is very important that we visit the library for the political, economic and cultural upliftment and development of the society. Be done. In terms of spiritual and material benefits, achievements, new changes, creativity and proper quality of life, recognition of human resources, social culture and cultural interests depends on the existence of the library. Because according to the present age the wealth of the people, natural wealth, physical and human wealth depends on it, if the library is used in the true sense, it is not far away that there will be very few problems on earth. Therefore, we hope that the library will be used everywhere for its healthy benefit. The book is a good friend, but the basis of a good friendship depends on the library, said Sheikh Zayed University Library Director. We urge all our dear teachers, students and administrative staff to abide by the rules, regulations and regulations of the library and use the books and online resources in accordance with the principles, so that you can use the established system in a safe and easy way.