Biography of Senali Khan Yaqub Zai

Sainali Khan Yaqub Zai son of Haji Mohammad Yaqub, I was born into a poor and brilliant family in 1357 at Khost Province, Yaqubi District.

I have accomplished my primary and secondary education at Pakistan during my immigration period, later when I came from immigration to my homeland, I have started education again and I graduated from the Yaqubi High School 1372. In 1382 I joined Khost Shaikh Zayed University; finally in 1385 I

graduated from Shaikh Zayed University, faculty of law and political science. After that period I

worked as a supervisor with the UNHCR organization for one year. I have worked with Maiwand Private University as a financial manager, during my duty; I was studying the mentioned organization and got one year certificate in the field of economics and management.

In 1390 I was appointed to the office Manager of Khost Shaikh Zayed University and I got this position by the examination, so I have been working since 1390 at this educational organization. So far, I have participated lots of workshops and educational trainings.

Office Manager of Shaikh Zayed University!

Office Manager of Shaikh Zayed University was established in 1390, and this position has been announced by the ministry of higher education to the rival examination, finally I got this position and I was a pointed. Since 1390, till now I improve this job with my full confidence and loyalty.

Sincerely yours,

Sainali Khan Yaqubzai, office Director of Shaikh Zayed University - Khost.

Job: Office Director of SZU!

Cell phone: 0711022077

Emails add: ali.