History of Engineering Facutly


The Shaikh Zahid University is born of the University of Kabul, and when the University of Khost and other influential tribal elders came to Khost with the intention and efforts of the University of Shaikh Zaid University, in 1382, The functionality started at the beginning that at least with the help of some professional teachers, with the help of fewer material privileges, at first, their activities in Engineering and Agricultural Faculty were conducted in a faculty. Due to the time of departure, number of pupils increased and nine departments were also engineered and agricultural faculty Been subsumed Faculty subsidiary has been identified.

In early years, the number of students was too short and over time passed number of professional teachers increased and number of student students increased. Act is 24 teachers in Engineering Faculty, from one point to a scientific level, 4 faculty, 7 faculty, 12. According to the academic degree, 11 masters and 7 people in the exit (one of Japan's doctorates, two teachers in India, one in Thailand, one of the Kazakhstan countries, one China and one of the Kabul Poly Tacnik is busy studying at the University of Mathematics.

In the year 1382, students from Cancer for the first time were absorbed to the Seoul University of Engineering, and in the year, many students who came from the University of Polynneck University were instantly assisted with a number of instructors in collaboration with the Provided you for the service