!About Shaikh Zayed University

Sheikh Zayed University which has been built on 125 acers land is located in Khost, Afghanistan. This university was firstly established as a private university in Peshawar Pakistan in 2000 by the name of Afghan University. In 2003, it shifted from Peshawar to Khost on a special order (Order No 226) of President Hamid Karzai and renamed by Khost University. At that time, this university included four faculties, 1600 students and 75 teachers. The first chancellor of this university was Faiz Mohammad Fayaz. When it was shifted from Peshawar to Khost, this university had no private campus and was serving teaching and learning in Khost Mechanical Institute campus for 6 years. As the governor of the time Mirajudin Patan made a trip to the United Arab Emirates and requested the Emirates government for the help to build a campus for this university. The Emirates government accepted the request, and in 2008, the campus was officially inaugurated. In the inauguration ceremony, the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, issued another order and changed the university name from Khost University to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Unihan University. 

Currently, this university has 12 different faculties which includes: Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary, Computer Science, Social Science, Languages and Literature, Economic, Journalism, Sharia, Law and Education. In this list, four faculties (Education, Languages and Literature, Economic, and Law) do serve in the night shift. Overall, this university has 7207 students and 486 professors. Throughout its 16 years career, this university has served 10148 graduates to the society.