Seoul Sector Objects: -

1. Understand knowledge and dissemination in the community. National Program Management
2. Professional education (vocational knowledge)
3. Ideal and practical learning
The following approach is necessary to find the above goals.
1: Have a planned plan
2: Good management (management)
3: Coordination Tips.
4: Control and follow
5: Progress.
These tasks are successfully accomplished:
1: Leadership is optional.
2: Good order can be kept alive.
3: Increasing capacity building work.
4: Using seminars, conferences and investigative projects
5: Increasing cooperation with manufacturing, industrial and commercial organizations.
6: Access to new technology.
7: Regular contacts and cooperation between public and investigative centers and organizations.
8: Connectivity with foreign academic institutions.
9: Complete financial possibilities.
10: Supporting facilities and accessories.
11: Gender norms are considered