Massage Dean the faculty of law and Political science Mohammadullah Mandozai

Dear maidens celebrate the friendly friends, which is a great university named Sheikh Zaid in Khost, this beautiful and border province, and a faculty called 'Political and Economic' And 100% associated with social life and play an important role in managing the social system.
   The Law of Law and Political Science is responsible for the training of cadres for the justice of justice and justice of Afghanistan. Currently, a large number of students are studying in the Law and Political Sciences, and hundreds of students have been offered to serve the country, and it continues. The Law and Political Sciences Faculty now arises from its primary condition, while developing and developing. Lessons are trained in day-by-day training and possibilities of practical teaching are equally provided, and the opportunities for science and science have been provided for students to provide access to computers and internet access.
One more thing that I should give to my country, he has been setting up nightlife for the poor citizens, that government officials and independent individuals can do their higher education. Leadership of Law and Political Sciences always strives to endeavor to provide better services to their families.