Massage Dean of Veterinaries Faculty 

As a result of certain factors, Afghanistan is a poor country in wealth, such as lack of ability, use of resources, non-people's access to livestock, not knowing about technology, and also its extra activities. Which is related to the finance sector. Use of natural resources is economically related to the activities that are very important for wealth. Development of wealth is considered to be one of the key goals of the Government of Afghanistan, which is essentially a developed and trained central force for such development. The head of the Shaikh Zayed University has explained a new teaching facility for the engineering faculty, in order to resolve the problems that we have in place. The current deficit is as difficult as the lack of teacher's problems, so it is very difficult to see a successful college in the present state, because this faculty needs a strategic plan to have sufficiently trained trainers. . The University emphasizes high quality and quality education for the young generation, and its knowledge experts and good instructors consider it necessary for the development. In recent years, Sheikh Zahid University needs physical infrastructure services, disciplines and individuals to improve production. Veterinary science faculty is facing expertise reduction. To solve this problem, advanced training should be given to faculty teachers, especially to younger students in communication skills, research, information technology, laboratory skills and farm skills. Advanced short-term and long-term training can benefit from internal and external resources, to meet these demands. The implementation of this Strategic Plan in the Faculty of Departments is departments of the Faculty, and the Continuous Development also is about the leadership of faculty of faculty. The University's economic rationality creates an integral part of financial activities in wealth, that faculty teachers should be aware of international development and have educational, research, academic achievements in the area itself. Training of specialists for the faculty in the initial situations (wealth and development of polarization) is very difficult at the national level. Productivity problems are related to animal health, inheritance, nutrition and market. Professional youths can be able to achieve their products and products through better management, nutrition and control of the disease. The technologies and capabilities that have contributed to the increase in animal production should be provided to improve rural and urban qualifications, which can increase imports and improve the export of good breeding farming by increasing the productivity. Also livestock is considered to be life-saving, biological technology, generation rectangular, long term expectations of veterinary. Protein, acne and nutritional availability of medicines are counted as the next major obstacles of the vessel. Veterinary Sciences Faculty of Education is to pursue strong academic personalities, to attract their national obligations, to provide information about life of wild animals, to maintain human health, and to progress in what For the future he has prevented the ownership, to fulfill the responsibilities of the department. We need to make a lot of effort to keep the good future and sting, improve and train our animals so that we can provide health-care products to our people