This is the Shaikh Zayed University Khost!

According to the geographical location of Shaikh Zaid University, Khost city is situated in the 6th west of Khost province. The newly established university was established in Peshawar in Pakistan in 1378. At that time, it was a private university who was named by the Afghan University and was paying students from the university. Many university students and students who have seen the transfer of information to students in Afghanistan. According to the rebuilding of Afghanistan, in 1381, with the special attention of President Hamid Karzai and the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with the special attention of scholars, tribal leaders, philosophers, socialists, youths, former governor of Khost province, Hakim Tanwal. According to the Order (226) Passed to the province and turned on a formal university in Afghanistan that most of the buildings for this university were made by the Arab Emirates, the new president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with a special decree in the Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan Al-Sha'an University The name was named on 1386/12/28, which dates upto 18-03-2008, officially the United Arab Emirates's Minister for Hajj and Religious Affairs and Embassy Embassy Embassy, ​​head of the University of Sheikh Zaid University. Professor, Dr. Hassan Walizai, Khost Governor Arsala Jamal and provincial elders of Khost province In the first round Shaikh Zed University has four faculties, 1600 students, 75 teachers, currently at Shaykh-ul-Qadri University, ten (10) faculty, have 5,550 students and 191 teachers from 14 points in institutional offices. Workers and a large number of university students have gone abroad to study their studies. Currently, the number of faculty and students of Sheikh Zayed University has increased and in the event of increase in university leadership, Khost Governor, tribal elders of Khost province and in Khost, people of Khost thank you more than the aid of UAE and Ratu embassy requested that the Ministry of Agriculture, 700 acres of land acquisition for development of camping wḵṟy.dshykh University Zayed University, which has been formed of which encompass the 125 acres of land.