SZU-OBE SCL The third phase of Outcome Base Education

11 Mar, 2019
SZU OBE SCL cermoney

The third phase of Outcome Base Education – Student Centered Learning (OBE - SCL) workshop for SZU lecturers has been completed on 6th March.

The training was started on 21th of February 2019 and lasted for 12 days.

At wrap up of the training the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of SZU Assistant Professor Abdul Khalil Afghani has congratulated the participants and thanked them for their warm contribution to the training and demanded the lecturers to prepare their course outcome, teaching and learning activities, and the assessment process according to the of (OBE – SCL) system.

Mr. Afghani also thanked the three trainer who has worked hard and trained 60 lecturers of 12 faculties for the almost two weeks.

As the OBE – SCL is a multidimensional phenomenon, therefore, there is an urgent need for all full time faculty members to be trained.

Mr. Afghani also stressed that members of faculties has obligation to contribute in improving the teaching and learning quality. That is the reason the leadership of SZU has made emphasis on the whole-hearted participation of the faculty members.

As the world is in change the educational institutes need to be changed as well.

In the 21st century educators must create a curriculum that will help students connect with the world and know the problems that the globe faces.

The future situations of the political, social, cultural and economic sectors will depend on the contribution of the students of Institution of higher education of today. More than ever before, education must be visionary and future-oriented, in order to response the needs of 21 century, SZU has realize these facts and is committed to internalize the OBE – SCL system and meet the need as well.