The reports from the studying duration of 48 post graduate students from Japan

27 Oct, 2019

The reports from the studying duration of 48 post graduate students from Japan

Teaching and practical training reports from 48 graduate students from Japan were presented in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and the Japanese Ambassador to Kabul.

In the reporting ceremony, the Minister of Higher Education, Professor Najibullah Khwaja Omari, thanked the long-standing friendship of Afghanistan and Japan for his cooperation, especially in the higher education sector, saying that the long-standing friendship of these two countries has been a sustained contribution to the development of infrastructure, agriculture, health, education, higher education and other requirements of Afghanistan.

Professor Khwaja Omari added that the main goal of the minister of Higher Education system of Afghanistan is to provide human resources needed by the country, and achieving this goal we face many challenges and it causes that we cannot provide that specialist and technical staff needs of our labor market.

The Minister of Higher Education said that the efforts have been made on creating new fields of studies and implementation of updating the curriculum of the universities and the international academic communication have been improved that afghan youth go for scholarship annually out of the country.

Professor Dr. Khajeh Omari said that from 580 afghan students in Japan, 444 of them have graduated and only 76 percent of them have been recruited in the offices. And the rest are either unemployed or hired at the private and international organizations. He asked the all head of human resources who sent their employees for studying in Japan, try to recruit them and use their knowledge.

The Ambassador of Japan to Kabul, Mr. Mitsuji Suzoka, also talked at the ceremony and pointing to the graduate students, emphasized on the continuation of his country’s cooperation with Afghanistan. He said that during the course of education, in addition to the recognition of Japans’ people, some changes have been made to the student’s mind that is a value and our pride is that what you have learned, you can apply in your country.

He also added that in Afghanistan, there is a high potential of planning and not enough conducting potential, though, 90 present of the projects depends on implementation.

He said that the aspiration of the Japanese people is to serve the Afghan government and nation, therefore, since 2001, $ 6.6 billion has been contributed in various sectors, including the development of human resources to Afghanistan, and this assistance will continue in the future.

At the end, several graduate students from Japan have presented their academic reports and research papers in various fields, and thanked Japan and the Ministry of Higher Education for creating good opportunities of studying.