History of Sharia Faculty

In addition to other faculties in Shaikh Zayed University, Law Economy and Sharia for the first time was jointly established as faculty, in 1381 (1381) began to function as the Department of Law and Law, in fact, the country's prosperity Community level academic, professional and religious welfare was over.
And in the year 1388, independent faculty of the University of University of England was gradually migrated and started its scientific and autonomous activities.
He has developed a significantly significant increase in the number of stages, and in this regard, he has presented ten (10) periods of professional, young workers working in service to our proud people.
Sharia Faculty Faculty, until the end of the year (1391), a graduate was a department named "Freedom" and remembers that the graduates have presented ten (10) period graduates for the service of the community. Fortunately, in the year (2013), the British graduate of the Department of Islamic Education (AIDS) started a function, which has already been given a period of service to the graduate community.
Similarly, in Islamic Science Department (1381), the Islamic Culture Department also started functioning, which has three formal teachers today and ten contractors have master and lucrative teachers.
There is a small faculty of Sharia University in Shaikh Zayed University, which is not so much time to be established; But well, seven other teachers are busy teaching teachers and four teachers are busy studying in-law at home.
Also, the staff staff of the university academics is also one of the best experienced, and operates well and effectively.
Sharia faculty examines its future well-being, with full consideration of the Islamic Oral Spirit and without any discrimination (ethnic, religious, religious, sexual and other ...), in the future, There is a trustworthy degree of trustworthy universities in the country and globally, and a provider of academic, professional, judicial and legal cadres, and is also trying to find a master and doctorate board in the future. In the same hope!
Current Status of Sharia Faculty
The Sharia Faculty's Credit System is implemented in the OBE & SCL framework, the four-year course of the Tehsil era has been four years and gives graduate-based graduates; The new standard curriculum curriculum is fully implemented.
Sharia faculty has two graduate departments (religious and law, Islamic teachings) and a university incorporates a division called Islamic culture, which is often attributed to teachers.
Sharia faculty is a lot of teachers, and the rest are masters and have no doctor yet, and the teachers are not enough, and every teacher has more education than obligatory.
This faculty has not yet formed a separate construction; However, nowadays the construction is currently under construction and one's work with the law faculty is functioning in a construction; therefore hence the teaching of new departments Rooms are facing shortage