History of Law and Political Science

The realistic fact is that societies facilitate and the economic growth of the country's economic growth, the higher education experience and the ability of the same community to become a non-profit product.
Our rich country is one of the most unified, systematic and academic systems in the region, but why it is unfortunate that due to this conflicting system, there has been a lot of shock and subsequent pain on this unit, and this fact and academic investment has also been damaged.
Changing changes in Afghanistan, there was a series of changes in the higher education system, which is a model of the development of the University of Law and Political Science in Shaikh Rashid University, established in 1382, Which was initially used by contractors of teachers. He was born in the year 1383. The Law and Political Science Faculty of Science and Sharia, together with the University of Commerce and Sharia, A department has been working independently, following the establishment of the 1388 year independently. At present, at (80) formal and (5) contractor teachers Teaching courses are carried out on the basis of (administration and diplomacy and justice and prosecution). The Law and Political Sciences Faculty of Kabul University teaches its curriculum in accordance with the Curriculum program of Law and Political Science.