:History-Geography Department

Graduates of this department will have the ability to study social issues and will have the skills needed in their area of specialization. For example, history and geography diagrams, maps, historical charts, arranging and analyzing pictures, understanding history, teaching history, and making history as national phenomenon. In the area of geography the students will understand global and country location, nature, boundaries, distribution, natural resources and so on.

Graduates of this Department can serve their People in the Following Areas

At universities, teaching training centers, high schools, private and government educational institutions, in the Ministry of Information and Culture (National Archives, National Museums and National Galleries) Ministry of Chamber and Industuries, Cartography Department and all the like institutions.

Objectives of the History-Geography Department

  1. To train cadres for universities in the area of social sciences.
  2. To provide qualified and professional teachers for schools, TTCs, private and government institutions.
  3. To train professionals for institutions that makes history and geography diagrams, historical and geographical charts.
  4. To provide qualified professionals for National History Associations.
  5. To provide professionals for national geographic research.