Department of Agriculture Faculty 

The Cultural Faculty was established in 2002, which currently offers educational services in the five nominated departments.
1- The Agronomy Department
2- Plant Protection Department
3- Horticulture Department
4 - Agricultural Economy Department
5- Animal Sciences Department
 Agronomy Dept.
Agronomy tells the scientist or science that they are effectively used as food, nutrition and fuel. Agronomy is related to other science-like genetic, physiology, metallurgy, soil education, biology, chemistry, and other education-like plants. Today, universum is involved in many issues such as nutritional products, quality foods, effective environment management and plant production of plants.

Agronautists often concentrate on production, harvesting, fertilizer, plant breeding, soil erosion, fertility soil, control of herbs and control, insects and pest control. Additionally, the Department plays an important role in achieving the goals and goals of the faculty, some practical training courses are also available for better production of fruits, such as plant breeding, farming and management.
Students will learn proper use of land and plant, water and soil management and management
Students will be able to know public awareness about food security, gravity and serious fight against hunger.
Students will also choose the right time to cultivate and implement agricultural education and society in the new technology.
Students will be able to properly maintain agricultural plants and farm equipments and to extract products from academic forms.
Students will also know themselves on the mechanisms of farming and their nutrition
Students will be able to understand the benefits and losses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and to other stakeholders in the community.
Students will learn about new techniques and learn techniques used and implemented
Students will learn ways to provide raw materials to agricultural plants, processing and processing.
The students will bring about the agricultural revolution in the Abronomy blessed society
Department of Plant Protection
Students will also be able to protect plants from diseases, herbs and herbs and learn their treatment and implement them in the field of practice.
Students will also be able to provide sufficient information on the use of pesticides and provide advice to the farmers
Students will learn the effects of pesticides on the environment and deliver them to other people
Students will be able to study the diagram and apply their culture in laboratory
Students will learn knowledge of the economy due to concentration control
Students will also be able to know the significance of the rules of the Quranine
Gardening Department

Horticulture has been purchased from two Latin characters, meaning Hartus is the meaning of the garden or the meaning of culture, or in other words, Harcticulture is a part of agriculture that produces fruit processing, vegetable and olive plants, There is head and work with the market.
Students will also offer the best vegetables and fruits to the community
Students will learn about the production of colorful flowers for the beauty of the region
Students will work to develop natural landscapes
The students will create a well-known Vegetables and Vegetable Vegetables
Students will also grow to domestic and commercial gardens
Students will also study the fruits and vegetables of the vegetable and process
Students will cultivate different vegetables in green cells and learn knowledge to market
Agriculture Economy Department
Students will be promoted to promote technology and improve traditional agriculture reform in society.
Students will identify the fields of agriculture sector and solve solutions
Students will also learn to properly manage agricultural resources to improve production
Students will learn skills skills skills skills and implement the community
Students will train teachers for the development and development of the national economy
Students will also train and train professional cadres for agricultural development banks
Students will also work effectively for exploitation of exploitation, natural resource use and agricultural development.
Students will learn the skills of marketing, marketing, marketing and marketing skills.
 Animal Sciences Department
Students will learn knowledge about domestic animals, birds, psychologists
Students will also process the processing and processing of animal products effectively
Students will also show inspiration, prevention and public awareness and others
Students will be able to prevent diarrhea and human sharing arthritis and give public awareness to other people in the community.
Students will always produce profitable animals on time
Students will learn and apply new technology in the livestock sector
Students will also learn the proper diet for livestock and beef and honey honey and practice in the society.
Students will also know the significance of the role of livestock sub-productivity in soil harvesting.