Massage Dean of the Journalism Faculty

  We live in information on communication and communication. These clauses were stuck in the public in Afghanistan. Again, when Afghanistan's emergence of revolutionary repetition broke out, the "media revolution" noise maker was also increased, and Afghanistan was a tremendous and important phenomena as a center of the Medieval Revolution. The world was transformed into a field of cooking the practice of Hogut's journalists.
The functions and actions of Verbs are more valuable than names or names. In other languages, names or names are "newsletters" that are "functions" that have been exported from or " And the auditions have been mentioned, the name "Afghan" is the name of its nation, which characterizes the character and emphasis in writing a "news" for the entire world of media in the world and showing "the ideas" in a quarter.
Here's the point here: It is worth mentioning that journalism does not like adjectives queues in their specialty, even those who do not like names or bad names on good names, but everybody and everything Explain clear, living and vibrant facts through writing and showing the way that the World Mediterranean and bravety of the nation of the nation and its brave failure in politics, often showcase and evaluate the critics of truth. It is
Also, many of our things were given to the World War II World War, but for us the news and blessings were very little for us. The media machine driven by beautiful Afghans in her own politics, instead of "news", mostly "look" was stunned. It was the educational side. Depending on the entertainment side, it might be easy to say, "Do not miss out on war" ideas presented in various forms of various organizations and political groups. This is either "left side" or "right side". Such kind and carpet-based ideas, with some of our best values, had time-consuming conflicts, that's why all aspects of our national values are "evolution" and various aspects of the world. But we tried to cultivate such a culture that "underwhelmed our curtains and blindness", which resulted in misfortune in the form of corrupt corners and many crusade civil wars.
The main fact is that how much of our media has gone on the other hand or by the influence of others, so it is best to have a brain job instead of reflecting thoughts, so we now need to make it harder than our media. Clear the grains of the wars and the graves and the other things covered on the other side, and make this scorching clear and transparent, that everyone and everyone have appeared to us in their original form and nature, that we are from real movements and truths. How about that, as he did.
Sheikh Zayed University has been in the journalism Faculty like the country and other faculty and has already offered many priests at the age of eight in his eight-year-old union. The journalism Department's Department was founded in 1384 under the Education and Development framework. Students from this department have graduated from 8 to 13 in 2010. This department has established the faculty level in the year 1390 and last year, in the year of 2013, the faculty graduated eight (8) period students, the university has already completed all the teams (342) for the service to the community. Have been presented.
Journalism faculty has a click-on code that promotes the process to provide discreet service to its visitors and the international community.
Journalism Faculty enrolled with the University of Baltist University to enhance the capabilities of its teachers and students. By the way, in the year 1391, at least eight of our faculty members of the Faculty of Education, left for Malaysia for 15 days, for the training workshop. And in this year, two teachers went to Dubai for a training workshop. In 2013, five (5) teachers from Balist University moved to the United States for three months. In this same year, five (5) teachers went to India for a training workshop, and five (5) teachers from the University of Baltist recently invaded the United States for three consecutive years.
Journalism faculty does not insist on this and will try to make such types of abominations even with other universities in the country and abroad. The journalism Faculty is in its view that by providing workshops to provide access to Masters and Doctorals in the Sustainable Countries. Fortunately, two of our faculty faculty graduates moved to Japan to pursue higher education, one of whom Mohammad Bahar is busy returning to Mastershole in Sweden and is teaching at the University.
Journalism faculty strives to educate the cadres of their patriotism in their spirit. In the context of the journalism's leadership leader, this organization is not only a local, but also a valid and professionally accepted institution in the country's level of country.

Prof.Doctor Masters Wahidi
Dean of Journalism Journal