Dean of Islamic law Faculty

Abdul Majeed Shaheedzai, the faculty of Jamiel Jamil Khan, was born in 1354 in the family of a Dynasty and Roshan Fakra family in the Sakhail village of Shalim's two-mile district of Khost province.
In 1379 The University of Sharia, graduated from the Jurisprudence and Law Division, was graduated in Kabul and in 2014. L. University of Sharia University received a high degree master degree from the Sharia and Law Master's Board.
Mr. Shaheedzai can speak and write in Arabic as well as Dari and Dari in English and also in English, many percent words and written, also has full access to computer-related programs, including language skills.
Mr. Shaheedzai has been active in many training workshops in Afghanistan and abroad.
Mr. Shaheed Zaidi, currently acting as Shahee Zayed University, head of Sharia University, has his full commitment to sincerity and sincerity, teachers, employees and students have full satisfaction.
Message Director of Faculty
الحمد لله وحده, والسلاة والسلام على من لانبي بعده!
As per the basis of social development, development, development of talented talent, according to every country, it can be done through the best education; Shaykh Zaid University Sharia faculty also has high education and Regarding the rules, it is designed to provide knowledgeable and best cadres to their Islamic community to serve, to play effective role in the social security and security of the country, as well as considering the science of Shaykh Zaid University It has to provide professional cadres trained on Islamic, national, social and Afghan spirit to the community so that the young man Arghan has created a system of unity and sustainable governance, thus taking into account the Sharia faculty, to provide young people with knowledge to community service, to encourage young people to maintain a safe and efficient management of public rights. Being capable of making good decisions among people, capable of improving and performing good in judicial and judicial affairs, and in the courts without the involvement of bribery and bribe, the decision to make decisions between the people and should also be the teachers of Sharia faculty The graduates are able to compete with the Supreme Court, justice and judicial institutions in other state-of-the-art positions. Be prepared to be a consultant for the top-ranking people.
Sharia faculty faculty always strives to stimulate human rights, security, empowerment of national norms and loyalty to the law based on Islamic teachings in our students; as well as positive effects in Afghan society such as sunrise Like Shakzai University and Shaykh-ul-Haq University, the faculty of Sharia faculty and students will continue to endeavor to improve their efforts in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education and any other shortcomings that have the experience, achievements, and experiences of the first effort. Destroy and fill the vacancies with the creation of superior talents; Waiting for self-determination